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Chesapeake Beach Civic League is comprised of resident volunteers who support the needs and values of this unique and dynamic community.  In order for the CBCL to be effective in its mission, we need volunteers ~ people like YOU ~ to help with the many on-going programs that have that mold Chesapeake Beach into a thriving beach community.

Contact our Volunteer Chairperson today:
Kathy Damon ~ walkatdam@aol.com


Several committees have been created to better serve our community.  Some of these committees are asking for volunteers to augment their work force, while others need input and ideas.

Adopt-A-Street/Waterway Committee

Conducts bimonthly clean-ups of Pleasure House Road & Lake as part of the City’s Litter Clean-Up Adopt-A-Program.  The chairperson coordinates installing & maintaining dog Poop Bag Boxes in the neighborhood.  Volunteers are needed for the clean-ups & to adopt Poop Bag Boxes.

Architectural Preservation & Zoning Committee

Tracks planning and zoning issues that my affect our community and makes recommendations.  We need volunteers who are willing to attend the Board of Zoning Appeals hearings, Planning Commission hearings and City Council hearings focused on these issues.

Bayfront Advisory Committee Liaison

Attends the BAC meetings and reports back to the general membership.

Business Liaisons

Manage the business sponsorship and advertising programs, a major source of revenue for the CBCL. Committee members are needed to assist with all aspects of account management with our current & potential advertisers.

Council of Civic Organizations

Liaison attends the Virginia Beach CCO monthly meetings, votes on behalf of the CBCL and reports back to the general membership.

Events Committee

Event volunteers work as a team to plan and coordinate events throughout the year promoting the spirit of fun in Chesapeake Beach.


Collects historical information of our neighborhood for articles and projects, and needs your photos and historical information.

Membership Committee

Coordinates membership activities and outreach to all CXB neighbors. Membership volunteers greet members at meetings and welcomes new members as they join.

Merchandising Committee

Coordinates with the manufacture and sales of CBCL trademarked CXB decals, t-shirts, and other products that promote unity and enthusiasm for Chesapeake Beach.

Neighborhood Park & Lakes Committee

Works with the City and provides community input on issues related to the neighborhood park and the four lakes in the neighborhood including implementing a water quality testing and monitoring program.

Pride In Community Committee

Searches the neighborhood for eye-catching yards tp be designated on Homefront Awardees. They look for creative, diverse and colorful yards that include a variety of plants.  They seek landscape designs that truly exhibit the visual appeal and character of Chesapeake Beach.

Safety & Neighborhood Watch Committee

Liaisons between the CBCL and the local police, maintains our Neighborhood Watch status with the City, coordinates National Night Out and responds to residents’ safety concerns.

Shore Drive Community Coalition Liaison

Attends the SDCC meetings representing the Chesapeake Beach Civic League and reports back to the general membership.  CXB representatives are needed to attend the SDCC meetings and meet other civic league leaders in the Shore Drive area.


Maintains our web site www.cxbcivicleague.org and needs your input

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