Pride in Community Award

Westside Pride in Community Awards for the Holiday Season 2019

Steve and Denise Moxie, 4916 Athens Boulevard, have added to their holiday decorations each year.   The result is a very festive display.

Bonnie and Rod Orwick, 5012 Creek Cove Court, decorated their home beautifully for the holidays.

Andy and Lisa Carnell, 4820 Zivo Court, created a display enjoyed by all the children on the block.  We think they had some help from Jacob and Max, ages 13 and 12 respectively.

Pride in Community awards for Spring 2019


Ronald and Becky Sonia of Six Bradford Point have been recognized with a Westside Pride in Community Award.  Once again, they have created a colorful and impressive display of summer plants.  We appreciate their skill and hard work in producing gardens we can all enjoy.



A Westside Pride in Community Award was given to Rodney and Bonnie Orwick of 5012 Creek Cove.  Bonnie is well-known for her horticultural talents and great work in creating colorful gardens.   Congratulations to the Orwicks.

Gail and Jimmy Collier at 4952 Athens Boulevard are recipients of a Westside Pride in Community Award for their attractive gardens and grounds.  Gail credits Jimmy’s great skills and hard work for the beautiful gardens.  Thank you, Jimmy.


Previous award recipients

We have three recipients of the Pride in Community Award on the Westside this Halloween season.

First is the home of Chris and Sharon Graff at 4912 Athens Avenue. The Graffs have lived in Virginia Beach for 10 years.  Sharon asserts the Halloween decorations are for Chris, but he says they are for the children.  In either case, they are ghoulish and spooky.

The second award goes to Phil and Dana Morze at 2525 Beaufort Avenue.   The decorations were arranged by their daughter, Emily Loftin, and grandson, Kaison, as a surprise to Dana.  She was indeed surprised!

The last award recipients are Tim and Tiffany Myers of 4800 Zivo Court.  There are many ghosts in the old willow tree, along with spiders and other creatures.  The Myers moved to Virginia Beach one year ago.

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