It started with a member of the Civic League standing up to voice concern about a Live Oak during the Open Civic League meeting on Monday…We were told that a anonymous person called the city to remove a landmark oak tree on the corner of Bayview Ave and Chubb Lake Ave. The Live Oak, which has been around for more than 100 years, has some damage to the trunk but has been evaluated by a certified arborist who stated that the tree can be saved. The Civic League voted unanimously to make every effort to save the tree, including repairing and maintaining it’s health.
This information was taken back to the City, who has not yet acknowledged the efforts, so Channel 13 News and Wavy TV 10, and are taking it to the streets to rally support. As of this afternoon, has over 3,400 supporter signatures. We appreciate each and every person who is helping our community save this relic and we want to keep this momentum going! If you haven’t already, please sign the online petition by going to

Thank you for all of your continuous help!

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