Efforts to save a 100 year old Live Oak Tree on Bayview Avenue have paid off! This tree is a landmark in this neighborhood, and it is enormous and gorgeous. Unfortunately, the tree is also living primarily on city property. When the City made an executive decision to take the tree down in August, a handful of community members took to the streets to save it. A petition was created and received over six thousand signatures and created quite a stir, including press coverage…Countless hours and emails have passed, and finally, the City conceded to do the work that needs to be done to preserve the tree.

So what will be done to save this beauty? The City has agreed to do crown cleaning and branch reduction during the dormant season. In Virginia Beach, this is normally between December and February. After the pruning is completed, they will continue on to carry out root preservation in the early Spring.

Arborists are sure that the work will preserve the health of this Live Oak, and we hope that this tree will continue to grow and flourish. We are thankful for everyone who helped save our tree!


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